Revolutionize medical devices' health and financial traceability

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Revolutionize health and financial traceability of medical devices

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To respond to real health and financial challenges of healthcare establishments, Ehtrace has developed scanDM, a patented solution allowing total dematerialization of the traceability of consumable, implantable and re-sterilizable medical devices.

Maximize Efficiency, Security and Compliance

the ultimate traceability solution for healthcare facilities

processes dematerialisation

By reducing time-consuming paper-based tasks and replacing them with a digital approach, scanDM allows your staff to save valuable time and focus on higher value tasks. Since scanDM massively reduces your paper consumption each year, you actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Order of September 8, 2021

Our mobile traceability solution for healthcare establishments, scanDM, fully meets the requirements of the decree of September 8, 2021. In addition to its easy use due to its mobile system, scanDM facilitates the reading and interpretation of barcodes implantable medical devices (IUD). Thanks to our system, the restitution and traceability of all UDIs are ensured via a dedicated web portal, thus offering complete visibility of the history of each device.

Cost analysis

Our solution's key functionality allows you to generate a detailed summary of the different costs for each surgical procedure. In this summary you can find medical devices distribution's, intra-GHS items overall cost, materials and medicines used during interventions as well as time repartition (TO, TROS). This allows you to optimize your processes.

nfc badge authentication

To strengthen the security of our mobile terminals and facilitate access to the various modules of the scanDM solution, we developed an NFC badge authentication system. It allows the authentication of the user and simplifies the staff updates present during interventions by simply scanning the badge.

Security system

software interoperability

Thanks to its standardized connectors, scanDM is easily integrated into hospital information systems. This simplified interoperability ensures seamless collaboration with other systems in use and a smooth transition to our solution. Healthcare establishments thus benefit from a high-performance solution that integrates with their technological environment.

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