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DDiscover our range of Zebra hardware, carefully selected to optimally work with our scanDM solution. At Ehtrace, we understand the importance of reliable, high-performance equipment to maximize your business efficiency. This is why we chose to collaborate with Zebra Technologies, a world-renowned brand, so that we can offer you a complete selection of mobile terminals, bases, handles and printers.

Zebra mobile devices give you mobility for your data collection tasks, while the bases ensure easy and secure charging. Zebra ergonomic handles are specially designed for extended and comfortable use, increasing your employees productivity. Plus, Zebra printers let you quickly and efficiently generate labels and receipts.

Explore our range of Zebra hardware compatible with scanDM and get a head start in your field thanks to this alliance between Zebra technology and our scanDM traceability solution.

You'll find below an example of Zebra's product we offer; for pricing information, do not hesitate to contact us.